Services We Provide

  • Custom Relief Systems

    OmniSeal DB&B expanding plug valves are often sold to customers who have particular company, site or application-specific relief system requirements.

    Omni has a full service facility with the ability to customize relief systems to virtually any specification or requirement.

  • Valve Interface Modification

    Omni can design custom interface solutions that allow customers to adapt our valves to a variety of third-party or legacy valve operators, interface with SCADA or other data acquisition systems or automate valve functions through installation of electronic or other valve control systems.

  • Internal Valve Coating

    Omni can provide virtually any of its valve offerings with internal coatings applied to customer specification or based on service requirements such as internal corrosion protection, abrasion prevention or other service-related issues.

  • Site-Specific Modification

    Omni can assist in designing and manufacturing a variety of custom mounting brackets, limit switch assemblies, position indicators, special hand-wheels, operators or other augmentations necessary to prepare a valve for service within operating environments or worksites that have unique spatial or environmental characteristics.

  • Private Label Manufacturing

    Omni can utilize its design, manufacturing and sourcing capabilities to deliver a tailored private-label procurement program that allows customers to leverage their own brand name in the marketplace without costly investments in manufacturing infrastructure and personnel. Contact Omni Valve for more information.

  • Please contact us to inquire about custom valves solutions.

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