03 Model PMX

We can provide Model PMX actuators already mounted on valves and ready to deploy, or as actuated bonnet assemblies ready to mount on valves from other manufacturers.

Omni also offers a full range of accessories including standard & fusible manual overrides, position indicators and fusible lock open devices.

Avaliable Sizes

Model Size Pressure
PMX 13 2 1⁄16” 5,000 psi
PMX 13 1 13⁄16” 10,000 psi
PMX 13 2 1⁄16” 10,000 psi


Maximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI Pressure relief device is set at 250 PSI
API Material Class AA / BB / CC Alternate material classes available
API Temperature Rating P (-20 F to 180 F) (-29 C to 82 C)
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Internal Configuration

Actuator depicted with typical 10,000 / 15,000 psi bonnet
Model PMX

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PMX - Cycling Process Video