About Omni Valve

  • Global Energy Market Solutions

    Omni Valve is a leading provider of valve solutions used in the exploration, production and distribution of crude oil, natural gas & other hydrocarbons. Omni offers a full range of valve sizes and configurations within each of its core product lines and has both international and local manufacturing capabilities to respond to our customers’ short and long-term procurement needs.

    Omni is committed to delivering valve solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of specific regions, customers or projects. Therefore, we focus our efforts on working closely with each customer to understand their unique requirements and develop long-term supply relationships. This often involves customizing individual valves, designing specific procurement programs or providing structured design and/or manufacturing services to our customers.

    Omni is certified to ISO and API standards and adheres to strict HSE standards in all segments of the business.

    Michael A. Johnson
    President & CEO

  • GPI

    Exclusive Manufacturer for OmniSeal® DB&B Expanding Plug Valves

    All OmniSeal® DB&B expanding plug valves are manufactured by Omni Valve’s trusted business partner Ghatge Patil Industries LTD (GPI) in India. GPI has an ownership position in Omni Valve and it’s engineering, procurement and quality systems are seamlessly integrated with those of Omni Valve.

    Omni Valve and GPI recognize that in todays competitive global marketplace, delivery time frame and/or logistical concerns play a key role in the success of many projects. Therefore all OmniSeal® DB&B expanding plug valve orders can delivered from either Omni Valve’s USA location or GPI’s location in India depending on project requirements or customer preference. Since Omni Valve and GPI are so tightly integrated, customers can be sure that all valves have been subjected to identical quality control measures.

    For more information about GPI please visit: www.gpi.co.in